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Protecting Pets with Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Winter Haven, FL

cat and dog vaccinations in winter haven, fl

Vaccines are an important safeguard against many diseases and when given at the right times, can provide life-long protection for dogs and cats. We can’t keep our beloved pets in a bubble, and if we want them to enjoy life and explore their surroundings in relative safety, cat and dog vaccinations are ideal. At Veterinary Healthcare Associates in Winter Haven, our inventory includes all the essential “core” vaccines, along with many lifestyle vaccines we give based on risk level. For a healthier, longer life and a stronger immunity to illness, every dog and cat should be routinely vaccinated.

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Tailoring Your Pet’s Vaccines to Their Unique Needs

To prevent over vaccinating while ensuring maximum protection for dogs and cats, we work with pet owners to create customized vaccination schedules. This means giving their pets the essential vaccine boosters, along with any lifestyle-based vaccines that might also benefit their health.

Giving pets too many vaccinations can increase their risk for a vaccine reaction. Mild side effects might include soreness at the site of injection and drowsiness. Allergic reactions are rare, but they can be severe and must be treated as soon as possible.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations We Offer To Winter Haven, FL Pets

Dogs and cats have their own core (highly recommended) and non-core (lifestyle) vaccines, which include:

dog vaccinations winter haven fl

Dog Vaccines

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/DHPP
  • Bordetella (non-core)
  • Leptospirosis (non-core)
  • Canine influenza (non-core)
  • Lyme (non-core)
cat vaccinations winter haven fl

Cat Vaccines

  • Rabies
  • Feline upper-respiratory/FVRCP
  • Leukemia (non-core)


Why Do We Recommend Vaccines for All Dogs and Cats?

Your pet’s risk of infection (and the existence of life-threatening viruses) make vaccinating an essential part of their care. Rabies and distemper are especially dangerous, with rabies being a deadly health hazard for dogs and cats as well as humans. Other, slightly less severe diseases may be less prevalent in general, but can be a higher risk depending on the pet’s environment. If their risk for Lyme disease or Leptospirosis is higher than the average dog’s, we’ll recommend those vaccines as part of their overall vaccination schedule.

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