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VHACares: Caring For Our Pet Community

At Veterinary Healthcare Associates, we take great pride in our establishment of a charitable fund to offer grants to people and pets who need financial assistance. Society today, in a significant way, is defined by the human-animal bond at all socioeconomic levels. Many families consider their pets as part of their family, celebrate their birthdays, and even put them in their wills; all revealing the power of the human-animal bond. Too often we observe the heartache that families experience when they can’t afford veterinary care their pet needs and deserves. When these families encounter these barriers to care, it sometimes results in their pet experiencing extended illness and recovery, or premature death due to a preventable or treatable disease or condition. This fund in inspired by our team who wanted to help pet owners experiencing financial hardships afford emergency pet care. With generously given veterinary donations, our team can save more lives and keep more pets and people together.

We have a commitment to each family that comes in our doors that no pet will be in pain while in our hospital. During critical emergency situations we immediately begin pain medications, crucial fluids, oxygen therapy, toxicity intervention, and even cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to name a few. Meanwhile, families work with our medical team to provide medical history, make initial decisions, and of course, discuss funding. This fund is our way of removing the emotional pain and sense of hopelessness for our pet owners under financial constraints.

"The human animal bond is a glimpse of heaven in an imperfect world; animals teach us unconditional love."
– Loren T. Nations DVM, DABVP


In addition to our VHACares fund, Veterinary Healthcare Associates is proud to share we’re advocates for stray, abandoned, or injured animals who do not have anyone else to speak for them or provide for their needs. Dr. Nations provides a generous monthly donation of $6,000 that allows us to provide compassionate care and treatment for these animals when no one else can or will. Additionally, we partner with animal rescues and shelters in the area to help these dogs and cats get adopted into loving homes.

We're passionate about our mission to help provide "the love of a pet in every person's life." We understand how special and unique the bond between humans and animals truly is. The more people and pets we can bring together the more joy we can bring to all lives.

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