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Veterinary Referral Center in Winter Haven, FL

veterinary referrals in winter haven, fl

Looking to refer a patient to our practice? Our Specialty Veterinary Referral Center in Winter Haven offers specialized and advanced services to aid general veterinary practitioners with their patients’ complex medical needs. We collaborate with referring veterinarians to provide their patients with the highest level of care and aim to be available whenever needed. Our facility offers cutting-edge diagnostics and innovative monitoring to accommodate a broad spectrum of challenging cases.

If you need to send one of your patients to our Specialty Veterinary Referral Center, please see the instructions below to complete the referral process. And if you have any questions about referring a patient, please call (863) 324-3340 so one of our team members can assist you.

Services at Veterinary Healthcare Associate’s state-of-the-art facility include specialty care and emergency care from our collaborative team. We accept patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Referring a Patient

Referrals for emergencies or specialty cases are not required; however, we always recommend that clients first consult with their family veterinarian in order to receive initial guidance.

When you feel it is necessary for one of your patients to visit our specialty team, please contact our referral coordinators at or (863)324-3340 and send us a complete medical record, including pertinent medical history, radiographs, and laboratory results.

Fax (863)325-8658 or email

Collaboration & Communication

We operate as an extension of the family veterinarian, so once the patient is under our care, we will confer with you on any questions that we may have to ensure the patient receives appropriate care. We will continue to maintain contact with you until the patient is recovered and can be transferred back to your care. At that time, we will transfer updated medical records and radiographs back so that your records are complete. Throughout the referral process, we maintain open lines of communication.

Transferring a Patient

If a patient requires overnight care after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that patient to our ICU team. The referring veterinarian has the option to transfer the patient to his/her care upon request. Our specialty and emergency teams work very closely to ensure a seamless quality of care for all patients.

In evaluating your patients, we gladly provide free telephone consultations. Our specialists will call you to discuss the case after evaluation, upon request.

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Here are a few common questions that you may have about our practice:

How does a vet specialist work with the family veterinarian?

The relationship between a specialty veterinarian and a family veterinarian is important. Specialists are an extension of the family veterinarian, not a replacement. We take cases that are beyond the scope of the family vet to help your clients and patients and then transfer care back to the family veterinarian. We transfer all of our clients to return to their family veterinarian after their pets have recovered under our care.

How do I refer a patient to VHA?

Please call and ask to speak to a referral coordinator (863)324-3340 or email Please include any blood work, radiographs, and/or other pertinent diagnostic results from the last six months. This is extremely helpful.

How do you communicate with me when my patient is under your care?

Before the initial consultation, we review the medical history and diagnostic results. This step helps us determine the best course of action; address your concerns for the patient and avoid repeating already performed diagnostics.  Once your client has consulted with our specialist, we will provide a referral letter via your preferred platform; fax, email or mail. Referral letters are also provided following urgent care services, emergency services and following any procedure.

How do the emergency and specialty services work together?

If your patient requires overnight care after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that patient to our ICU team. Conversely, in the case of an emergency, a patient will be automatically referred to the appropriate specialty team for further care, if necessary. Our specialty and emergency teams work very closely to ensure a seamless quality of care for all patients.

If my patient comes in overnight for an emergency, can you transfer that patient to my care in the morning?

Upon request, we will transfer the case back to you. During morning rounds, we assess the patient’s stability and discuss with you if it is medically appropriate to transport the patient. We will discuss with you the health status of the patient and transfer immediately once you have determined it is safe to transport. If no request is made, we commit to treating the patient until the pet is medically released.