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Providing Life-Supporting Pet Exams for Dogs and Cats in Winter Haven, FL

At VHA, our goal is to help make your pet’s life journey the longest and healthiest it can be. Pet exams are not just routine checkups. They also include in-depth health screening, core and lifestyle-based vaccinations, nutritional guidance, behavior counseling, and much more. Like you, our veterinary team in Winter Haven, FL is invested in your pet’s care from the get-go. We can rest easier knowing your pet has what they need to avoid harmful infections and thrive well into their senior years. No matter what stage of life your pet is currently living in, they deserve accessible, individualized care that suits their unique needs.

Wherever your pet happens to be in life, their continued wellness is paramount. Call (863) 324-3340 to schedule a visit, or

Early Detection is Key to Preventing Disease in Dogs and Cats

Since our pets age very quickly compared to us, their health can also change more quickly. This is especially true when you consider how well dogs and cats are able to conceal pain and sickness. If we can see your pet at least once a year, your veterinarian can screen for health problems and detect small issues that could be liable to escalate.

To develop a clear and thorough picture of your pet’s current condition, we need to:

  • Perform a full physical examination
  • Check your pet’s heart, lungs, temperature, and weight
  • Run blood and fecal tests to look for parasites, abnormal blood values, and more

Life Stage Medicine for Puppies, Kittens, Adults, and Seniors

Our wellness and medical services for dogs and cats extend to pets of all ages. Whatever their needs happen to be, we have the expertise and tools necessary to treat them and keep them well.

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Care for Puppies and Kittens

The bulk of your pet’s care takes place in their first year of life and typically includes:

  • A full exam, fecal testing, and blood testing
  • Deworming
  • Periodic booster shots
  • Parasite prevention
  • Offering in-depth guidance regarding diet, behavior, potty training, and more
  • Providing tips for at-home dental care
  • Spay or neuter surgery

The road to ‘happy, healthy, healed’ begins here. Come see us today.

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Preventative Care Adult Dogs and Cats

When your companion reaches their adult stage, much of their care revolves around health maintenance. Our primary concern during this stage is making sure your pet remains disease and parasite-free for as long as possible. Regular checkups are still essential, and usually include vaccinations, heartworm and tick-borne disease testing, and the dispensing of parasite preventatives.

Senior Pet Care for Dogs and Cats

Seeing their veterinarian regularly is critical for senior dogs and cats. We often prefer to see them for checkups twice a year or more, depending on their health. Chronic pain and illness are common among senior pets, making increasing their comfort and quality of life a major priority for our team in Winter Haven, FL.

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