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Veterinary Specialty Services and Referral Care in Winter Haven, FL

It’s a privilege for us to deliver progressive and compassionate veterinary specialty services at our veterinary referral center in Winter Haven. General practices often have limited resources for treating and managing complex health problems in their patients. To help these practices handle challenging cases, our specialists, which include a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, are able to offer their specialized abilities to treat immune-mediated diseases, heart, kidney, and respiratory diseases, endocrine disorders, hypothyroidism, and much more.


Veterinary Specialty Services We Can Provide

Our spacious and innovative facility offers many services for diagnosing and treating complex medical problems.


Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine specialists can help make life better for pets with chronic and potentially debilitating conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, IBD, and respiratory disease. We are able to utilize the best resources and services to benefit our patients, including endoscopy, bronchoscopy, ultrasound, and gastroenterology.


Specialty Surgery

Our patients’ health conditions cannot always be resolved with general surgical procedures. That’s why we offer a wide variety of advanced surgeries capable of treating many complex soft tissue and orthopedic issues, from elongated soft palates to bone fractures.

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Diagnostic Imaging

At VHA, our specialists have access to leading diagnostic technology that helps us find better solutions to our patients’ health problems. With digital radiography, ultrasound, echocardiography, CT, and MRI all under one roof, we’re able to diagnose and evaluate pets with greater accuracy, efficiency, and safety.



At VHA, we are deeply passionate about helping dogs and cats with cancer. Our oncology team provides services that include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and metabolic therapies such as immunotherapy and nutrition to improve not only a pet’s prognosis but its longevity and quality of life, as well.


Sports and Regenerative Medicine

VHA’s sports medicine and rehabilitation team offers advanced regenerative therapies, along with hydrotherapy, physical therapy, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, and guided therapeutic exercises. Our tailored treatments are designed to help pets with acute or chronic injuries recover as fully as possible.


Physical Rehabilitation

Our specialty center offers laser therapy, guided exercises, strength and endurance activities, and hydrotherapy to help dogs and cats regain some, if not most, of their mobility following an injury, surgery, or chronic issue.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber with dog

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treats pets by delivering 100% oxygen to the body in a pressurized environment. This amazing modality can be used to treat infections, burns, and other conditions by boosting circulation, increasing cell production, and reducing blood pressure.

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Our board-certified anesthesiologist enables us to add an extra layer of safety to our patients’ anesthetic procedures. This means we can increase safety for pets that are at a higher risk for complications and deliver better care to improve their lives.

24-Hour Emergency

VHA has a dedicated 24-hour emergency department staffed with incredible emergency vets and a 24/7 ICU. There is no pet emergency our team can’t handle, and we have a triaging system in place to ensure every pet is seen and cared for while giving priority to the most severe cases.   

Our Veterinary Referral Center is AAHA Accredited

VHA’s veterinary referral center is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). This means virtually every aspect of the practice meets or exceeds the over 900 high standards of veterinary referral medicine. Our team is extremely proud to hold this distinction and to be the chosen referral hospital for veterinarians throughout the region.

Need to Refer a Patient to Our Hospital?

If you have a patient requiring specialized care, click on the link below to complete our referral form. We also encourage you to contact us at any time at (863) 324-3340 if you have any questions.