Yvette Sepulveda DVM

Dr. Sepulveda earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from St. George’s University in 2021. Dr. Sepulveda’s journey into the veterinary field was deeply rooted in her childhood experiences in Mexico, where she witnessed the struggles of stray dogs and cats. It became her mission and lifelong dream to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to care for these vulnerable animals. Her unwavering commitment to their well-being led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, and her dedication shines through in every aspect of her work.
Dr. Yvette Sepulveda’s greatest life accomplishment is her journey of fulfilling her childhood dream and making a meaningful impact on the lives of countless animals and their families. In addition to her fulfilling career, she holds a special place in her heart for her husband, who is her greatest love and constant source of support.

At home, Dr. Sepulveda shares her life with a wonderful family of pets, including four cats: Oliver, Lola, Rose, and Maggie, each with their unique personalities, and two dogs: Buddy, a charming white terrier mix, and Mars, a shar pei. Her favorite things to do in her downtime include reading, traveling, and trying new and different foods.