COVID-19 Response Information

Dear VHA clients,
The COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and we are as concerned as everyone else for each others safety and the safety of our families and our pets. We have been committed to providing our veterinary community 24 hour ER/Critical Care and Specialty services for the last 15 years and will be continuing to provide that level of care unless situations change for the unknown. 
In our efforts to always be there for your pets in emergency or critical care situations we have implemented safety plans for our staff and our clients but our business is not able to be conducted as usual. First, we are postponing annual wellness examinations, routine vaccinations and elective surgical procedures until further notice. Currently, previously scheduled appointments will be honored but that may change in the future and you will be notified. Unfortunately, our dog Bark Park will also be closed until further notice. If there are questions about these changes please call our office for clarification. 
Second, we are providing Car-side Care for all urgent and emergency visits that will limit exposure and provide social distancing as recommended by the CDC. In only certain situations will clients be entering our hospital and the number or people in one area or an examination room will be kept to a minimum. We ask that only one person brings your pet in and be prepared to wait in your car for the duration of the appointment. Drop off appointments may be made to manage waiting time. Our client service team will give instruction on what to do and answer questions you may have. Guidelines for your Car-side Care appointment are as follows:
  • Call from your vehicle when you arrive at the parking lot in one of the numbered spaces.
  • Please remain in your vehicle with your animal.
  • A care professional will discuss your needs by phone when you arrive.
  • At the end of the phone conversation, a care professional will come to the parking lot to bring your pet into the building for evaluation.
  • After the medical team evaluates your animal, you will receive a phone call to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward. Verbal consent for treatment and details surrounding financial estimates will be authorized via this phone call.
  • Shortly thereafter you will receive a phone call from a client service representative to obtain a deposit via one of our payment methods.
  • Updates will be given regularly via phone by your medical team.
  • Once the care of your animal is complete, the discharge process will be discussed.

Like all of you, we don't know when this will end, nor when operations will return to normal but we will continue to strive to provide essential care to those animals that need it most while limiting everyone's exposure to this novel virus. Veterinary medicine is considered to be an essential business and even in the event of a state wide Shelter in Place order we will be available for emergency cases 24/7 for our veterinary community.

Remember our 4 step PETS Car Side Care Protocol:

Park and Call
Exam and Phone Consult
Treatment and Diagnostics
Send Home...Healthy, Happy, Healed

We appreciate your confidence in us and feel a strong sense of duty and commitment to take care of your most precious furred family members. We are here for you when you need us!