AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital in Winter Haven: Dogs Running Outside

Why We’re an AAHA-Accredited Referral Practice

When we receive referrals for complex medical problems, we make excellent care and personable service our highest priority. Our goal is to work closely with your family veterinarian to make sure your pet’s most important needs are being met. That’s why our referral hospital has committed to staying accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association.

What Makes Us Accredited?

To remain accredited with AAHA, our specialty referral hospital needs to satisfy various criteria in areas of medicine that include:

  • Practice methods
  • Standards of patient care
  • Having a board-certified veterinarian for every specialty we offer
  • Quality of medical equipment, instruments
  • Quality of the facility as a whole
  • Client care and service
  • Communication
  • Safety and monitoring
  • Storage for medications and controlled substances
  • ...and more

Additionally, AAHA experts visit and review our practice on a regular basis to make sure that we are upholding these standards.

AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital in Winter Haven: Cat Sitting On Pedestal

How this Benefits You and Your Pet

Our AAHA accreditation allows us to maintain high standards and regulate all areas of our specialty referral practice. We want to provide the best because your pet deserves the best! Our team is 100% dedicated to staying accredited in order to provide our patients and clients with an exceptional experience.

Learn more about AAHA at www.aaha.org, or call (863) 324-3340 to learn more about us!

AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital in Winter Haven: Dog Sitting On Pedestal

Helping People by Helping Their Pets.

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