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Pet Wellness Care Can Prevent Costly Illnesses

Quality, life-long care is best given on a yearly basis so we can build a health history for your pet and prevent the onset of illness. We’re here to help you stay on track and keep your pet several steps ahead of health concerns so they can enjoy a long, happy life. Our team places considerable value on the experiences that people share with their pets in Winter Haven and surrounding areas.

At Veterinary Healthcare Associates, pet wellness care is essential for prevention. Early detection can save both you and your pet from costly problems in the future.

Full-Health Checks
for Early Detection

Pet wellness care is the best way for us to detect changes in your pet’s condition and address health concerns. This includes checking their:

  • Ears, eyes, and nose
  • Mouth (gums and teeth)
  • Weight, heart rate, and temperature
  • Limbs, joints, and internal organs

We also offer lab testing for more in-depth checkups, which can get us closer to helping your pet. Pets hide their illness well and may show no signs until the problem has worsened. Yearly exams give us a better chance of detecting and treating problems sooner.

Pet Wellness Care in Winter Haven: Kitten Climbs on Vet's Shoulder
Pet Wellness Care in Winter Haven: Kitten

Additional Services We Provide

In addition to pet wellness exams, our hospital also offers vaccines, parasite control, and tests to screen for parasites and other issues. Together, these treatments make up your pet’s yearly wellness program to maximize and maintain their health. During each visit, we will also take the time to answer any pet health-related questions you have.

Preventive Medicine for Every Life Stage

Pets at every life stage need routine checkups and preventive care to protect them from disease. Puppies, kittens and senior pets are especially vulnerable due to their weaker immune systems. Therefore, it is essential to stay current with their treatments and be quick to alert our hospital if your pet is having a problem. We're always ready to help when you need us. Just call (863) 324-3340 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

Interested in bringing your pet in for an exam?

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