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Pet Grooming at Paw Pleasers Resort

You can treat your pet to a little something extra (and special) by bringing them to Paw Pleasers Pet Resort and Day Spa in Winter Haven. Our staff members are devoted to pampering pets and giving them a mini-vacation of their own in a safe, welcoming environment. In addition to pet grooming, we also offer resort-style day and overnight boarding and daycare. Your pet can stay and play or receive spa treatment under the care of our experienced staff members.

Why is Grooming Important?

Grooming affects your pet’s health more than you may realize. Aside from improving the condition of their skin, coat, and nails, it can also:

  • Help prevent various skin infections and other issues that hide under the fur
  • Allow for the early detection and treatment of infections, growths, tumors, and parasites
  • Reduce shedding
  • Make your pet more comfortable (no itching and scratching)
  • Prevent painful fur matting
  • Reduce or prevent dandruff and greasy fur
Pet Grooming in Winter Haven: Groomer Clipping Dogs
Pet Grooming in Winter Haven: Groomer Trims Dog's Toe Nails

Grooming Services

The primary grooming services we offer include baths, brush outs, and pedicures, which are also included in a package for our boarding guests. Our facility offers a variety of shampoos for different coat and skin types, and our groomers can either do a full haircut or a ‘touch-up’ to keep your pet’s coat in perfect condition.

Grooming can be stressful for pets that are new to the experience. If possible, we recommend getting started when your pet is young so they can get used to being brushed, shampooed, and handled by a professional groomer.

Check-In and Check-Out Times

To ensure that our guests can receive the proper care and attention from our groomers, all grooming must be scheduled by appointment. Our check-in and check-out times are:

Monday – Saturday
8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Pet Grooming in Winter Haven: Wet Dog Shaking Itself Out


All pets visiting Paw Pleasers must be current with their vaccinations and parasite control for the safety of our guests and team members. Contact us at (863) 324-3340 for more information about our requirements and to find out if your pet is already up-to-date.

Interested in bringing your pet in to be groomed?

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