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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Follows You Around Everywhere

The term Velcro dog refers to a dog that follows their owners everywhere. These dogs follow their owners all around the house; even the bathroom isn’t off-limits for them. So, why do some dogs follow their owners everywhere?

Many dogs will follow their owners simply because they love them. However, sometimes dogs will also follow people around when they want something or are anxious. There is the possibility of dogs following their owners around to guard them as well.

Here we will explain the possible reasons why your pup always follows you around. We will be answering some other commonly asked questions about this topic as well. All right, let’s get right into it!

why does my dog follow me around everywhere winter haven fl

Why is my Dog Being so Clingy?

Most of the time, dogs are clingy because they enjoy being around their owners and want their attention. It is also common for dogs to follow their owners when they are hungry or want to go outside. The possible causes of a clingy dog don’t end there, though. Here are all of the possible reasons why your dog is following you everywhere.

1) Your Dog Just Loves You

Dogs love their owners, and some dogs express this love and admiration by wanting to be around their owners all of the time. Some dog breeds are more notorious for being Velcro dogs than others. While this behavior can get bothersome, it is not something that most dog owners need to be worried about.

2) Your Dog Wants Something From You

Your pup will also follow you around when they need or want something. This is especially true when dogs are hungry or need to go outside. So, if your dog is suddenly following you around then this could very well be the cause.

3) Your Dog Knows Following You Will Get Them Attention

Dogs pick up on what gets them attention from their owners very quickly. So, if you react to your dog following you around with lots of petting and praise, then this is likely why they are doing it. While this can be a difficult habit to break, it can definitely be done. We will explain how you can stop this issue a little later on in this article.

4) Your Dog is Feeling Anxious or Stressed

Anxiety and stress is another possible cause for dogs following their owners around everywhere. This is mainly caused by separation anxiety. However, generalized anxiety and stress can sometimes cause this behavior in dogs as well.

5) Your Dog is Guarding You

Dogs will sometimes follow their owners around when they feel the need to guard them. This is most common in dog breeds with a guarding instinct, and this usually occurs when one of these dogs feels uneasy about a person or situation. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you want your dog to guard you and your family members.

What is the Most Clingy Dog Breed? what is the most clingy dog breed

As we mentioned earlier, some dog breeds are known to be more clingy than others. Some of the most clingy dog breeds out there include:

Most of the dog breeds on this list were bred to be companion dogs and the few that are not were bred to work closely alongside their owners. So, if you get any of the above dog breeds, get ready for a bit of clinginess.

Do Dogs Pick a Favorite Person?

Many dog owners will note that their dog only follows one person around. This begs the question: do dogs pick a favorite person?

Most of the time this is true! Dogs will usually pick one person in the family that they like to be around a bit more than others. Usually, this person is their primary caregiver and spends the most time with the dog. Oftentimes, the dog’s favorite person matches their personality and energy level as well.

How to Stop Your Dog From Following Your Everywhere

how to stop your dog from following you around everywhere winter haven fl

There are three main ways that you can stop your dog from following you everywhere. Most dog owners will simply need to stop rewarding the behavior or find out what their dog needs. However, in some cases, dog owners will need to help reduce their dog’s anxiety. Here is how to stop your dog from following you everywhere.

1) Stop Rewarding the Behavior

Possibly the best and easiest thing that you can do to stop your dog from following you around is to stop rewarding the behavior. This means that you shouldn’t necessarily punish your dog for following you around, but you definitely shouldn’t reward it either.

As a result, you should refrain from praising, petting, or giving other kinds of rewards to your dog after they follow you around. Of course, this method only applies to dogs that are following their owners around for attention. This is not likely to work for anxious dogs or dogs that are following their owners because they need something.

2) Work on Reducing Your Dog’s Anxiety

It is very common for dogs with both separation anxiety and generalized anxiety to follow their owner around consistently. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this behavior is to work on reducing this anxiety.

Sometimes, desensitization training from a qualified dog trainer or an animal behaviorist can help reduce anxiety in dogs. However, you may also benefit from taking an anxious dog to the vet, where they can be prescribed anti-anxiety medication to help make them feel better.

3) Find Out What Your Dog Wants

In some cases, dogs will also follow their owners around because they want or need something. So, it is a good idea to check if your dog needs food or water. It may also be a good thing to check and see if your dog needs to use the bathroom when they are following you around the house.


Although it can seem a bit annoying when your pup is constantly following you around, it is our duty as dog parents to find the root cause of this behavior. If you have any further questions about your dog’s behavior, it is best to reach out to your veterinarian.

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