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Should I Let my Cat Outside in Winter Haven, FL?

While it was once common to see the neighbor’s cat out and about, it is not so common anymore. This is because more and more cat owners are choosing to have their cats be strictly indoor cats. These cat owners claim that the risks of letting their cats outside outweigh the benefits.

While outdoor cats tend to get more exercise and are allowed to practice their hunting skills more often, they are also at greater risk of becoming sick or injured. Additionally, many experts claim that outdoor cats harm local environments with their hunting practices.

In this article, we will be explaining all of the pros and cons of letting your cat outside. We will also be giving you our final verdict on if our cats should roam our neighborhoods. Let’s jump right in!

should i let my cat outside in winter haven fl

What are Some Benefits of Letting Your Cat Outside?

The main benefit of cats being outside is that they tend to get much more exercise than strictly indoor cats do. This is because outdoor cats do a lot more climbing and running. Outdoor cats also have the option of putting their hunting instincts to good use. Cats will often hunt small rodents and birds when outside.

Since outdoor cats have the opportunity to move about freely and hunt, many cat enthusiasts claim that their outdoor cats live a better life than indoor cats do. However, there is also evidence suggesting that this may not be the case. We will explore this consideration in more detail a bit later on in this article.

What are Some Drawbacks to Letting Your Cat Outside?

Possibly the most obvious drawback to letting your cat outside is that they are at a much greater risk of getting sick or injured. Outdoor cats are exposed to more pathogens and parasites than indoor cats are, and they are also at risk of injury from another animal or person. Not to mention, it has been proven that outdoor cats have shorter lifespans than indoor cats on average.

Additionally, outdoor cats will hunt local wildlife. This sadly means that many outdoor cats roaming outside could deplete local bird populations. This, in turn, could affect the local ecosystem.

Is it Dangerous to Let Your Cat Outside?

Yes, it can be dangerous letting your cat outside. Many cats will get into scuffles with a variety of animals including other outdoor cats. Additionally, cats may catch diseases or parasites from animals that they hunt such as rats, mice, and birds.

Not to mention, there is the potential risk of outdoor cats being hit by cars or hurt by other objects commonly found outside. These dangers are all non-issues for indoor cats.

How is Letting Your Cat Outside Bad for the Environment?

outside cats bad for environment

The fact that letting cats outside is bad for the environment may lead some cat lovers to scratch their heads. Yet, this fact has been scientifically proven.

The ecosystem in environments is incredibly delicate. This means that when one thing is moved out of sync, then the entire ecosystem is affected in a negative way. While it may not seem like it to some, outdoor cats put ecosystems at risk rather quickly.

This is because domestic cats tend to hunt in excess. They will not only hunt for food but also simply because it is fun for them to do so. This means that cats could potentially deplete local populations of birds and rodents by hunting them.

Are Cats Happier Outside?

Many people claim that cats are happier outside than they are inside. While it is true that outdoor cats get more exercise and hands-off mental stimulation than indoor cats, these claims are not necessarily true.

After all, most indoor cats just need some playtime with their owners to receive their recommended daily exercise and mental stimulation. Most indoor cats will also play with interactive cat toys on their own. This means that indoor cats will be just as entertained as outdoor cats under the right circumstances without any of the risks.

Do Indoor Cats Get Bored?

Indoor cats can get bored if they are not provided with enough daily mental stimulation. There are many different ways that you can provide your indoor cat with entertainment.

The main fun activity that cats enjoy is playtime. Taking the time to play with your cat for about an hour a day will ensure that they get enough exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis.

Additionally, having some interactive toys for your cat to play with when you are not around is a good idea. This can help them stay entertained. Some great examples of interactive cat toys are balls and springs

Why Does Your Indoor Cat Want to go Outside?

why does my cat want to go outside

Indoor cats will sometimes scratch at the front door or paw at door handles. This is a sign that your cat wants to go outside, but why do they have the urge to go exploring?

Most of the time a cat will see something that interests them out the window. This could be a squirrel, a bird, or even just a colorful plant swaying in the breeze. When your cat sees these things they may have the urge to go and check it out.

While it is great to allow your indoor cat to look out the window, it is important to provide them with plenty of toys as well. This will keep your cat happier inside. It is also a good idea to only feed your cat indoors and to have an indoor litter box as well.


When weighing the pros and cons of letting cats outside, most cat owners choose to have strictly indoor cats. This is because when a cat is left inside they are healthier and safer.  Indoor cats also live longer than outdoor cats most of the time. Additionally, environmentalists will keep their cats indoors in order to protect their local ecosystem. When it comes to this argument, the cons simply outweigh the pros of letting cats roam outside.

If you have any further questions about your cat, reach out to Veterinary Healthcare Associates in Winter Haven, FL at (863) 324-3340!

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