Anne Jones DVM

Dr. Jones’s mother often says that when she was three years old, she would say she wanted to be a “doctor who takes care of animals” because she didn’t know the word ‘veterinarian’ yet. Dr. Jones never changed her mind about that, and graduated from the University of Florida with her DVM in 2001.

Dr. Jones enjoys the unpredictable aspect of emergency medicine, and likes managing multiple patients at once and staying busy. Her greatest challenge is working within a client’s financial limitations without sacrificing good quality medicine. She loves her job, but it can definitely be difficult–still, she can’t see herself doing anything else.

In addition to being an emergency vet, Dr. Jones is also a rescuer and instructor certified in RECOVER CPR. She has 2 children named Caitlynn and Landon, along with 3 cats, Garfield, Patches and Simba, and 2 dogs: Simon, a Chihuahua/Pekingese and Penny, a Lab/Terrier.

When she’s not working, Dr. Jones enjoys photography, swimming, shooting pool, and having an ice-cold Dr. Pepper.