Central Florida's 24-hour Emergency Care and Specialty Referral Center

Loren T. Nations, DVM, DABVP

When Loren Nations graduated from Winter Haven High School in 1981 his dreams of becoming an influential veterinarian in a big city would follow many paths. After graduating from UF with his veterinary degree in 1991 he completed a medical and surgical internship at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, NY considered the Johns Hopkins of veterinary medicine. Instead of remaining in New York City he returned home to practice “big city” medicine with his mentor Dr. John Maxwell. Read more...

Dr. Nations’ desire to help animals and commitment to practice at the highest level led to specialty board certification in canine and feline practice, one of only 425 ABVP diplomats in the country and 27 in the state. With this expertise, the practice has flourished into a seven doctor 24 hour emergency and critical care hospital, specialty referral center, and general practice. Dr. Nations has devoted his life to creating a center that will improve our pet’s lives for years to come.  

The completion of a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot veterinary center is only the beginning of the medical advancements Dr. Nations hopes to bring to Central Florida. “My life revolves around my family and animals. They are one and the same, that is who I am and why I am so passionate about being a veterinarian.”

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